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We search the world for the best Hosts.

Are you caring, friendly and passionate about delivering great service? Fabulous! Join us and be the reason someone is smiling and happy today.

Becoming a Host

What we want?

To create the best possible cycling experiences, we need Hosts like you. People that are passionate about creating a space for people to feel safe, welcomed and cared for.

As a great Host, you will have…

  • A strong desire to serve others – to allow them to fully embrace a place and all that it will offer
  • Been cycling for a number of years
  • A strong understanding of what cyclists need to prepare, ride and complete a cycling experience
  • A thirst for life. Each day is important to you. You live for days where you are on the bike, fully living.
  • Knowledge and experience in providing an outstanding service. You often think ‘how can we make it a better experience for cyclists’ when representing CycleHosts

There are key qualities and skills needed.  You are…

  • A good communicator, particularly under situations that can be stressful to others
  • Good at making decisions that are in the interest and safety of a group of cyclists
  • Confident in leading people and know how to communicate to people from different cultures and backgrounds. Safety is paramount to us and you.

What you will do?

As a Host, you will create and execute amazing cycling experiences.

  • Your routes will show off the best features of an area. The route must be safe and fully consider the audience you are targeting for your rides. It will avoid dangers such as highways and roads with vehicles travelling at excessive speeds.
  • Once the rides occur, you will be welcoming, courteous and caring towards guests. The Host has a strong influence in creating a space that allows guests to feel safe and secure. Once safety and security is ensured, a great Host will consider the small things that enable people to have amazing experiences.

What you will bring to CycleHosts?

  • An enthusiasm to serving others to ensure they have a great experience. We are seeking people that take pride in how they treat others, are positive in nature and genuinely want to see others enjoying themselves.
  • Why CycleHosts?
  • Life is short. At some stage we all would have moved on from this Earth. Our time here is not permanent. We want you to maximise your time here.

As cyclists, we enjoy nothing more than exploring new places and meeting kind-hearted souls across the world. We want you to experience the same. We want to serve you, so that you can serve others and help them have a rich and fulfilling life.

Hosts get recognised for serving others. As a Host, you will have some great benefits, including:

  • Receive ongoing training to enhance your skills and knowledge
  • Invited to annual Host events across the world
  • Be entitled to free or discounted day, multi-day and tour events
  • Receive a fixed fee or percentage of event profits after completing the induction and orientation to Hosting

Apply now

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