Welcome to CycleHosts!  

We are so glad to have you as part of our team.


Cycle Hosts is a platform which let's you list outstanding cycling experiences and get paid to share your passion. 

When you register as a Host, you and anyone joining your rides is covered by our insurance.  We've done the hard work to get legal and insurance cover, so you can focus on providing great experiences.

Host BIO

We want our Customers to know their Hosts so please submit a bio that we can use on the website and social media posts

Creating and Submitting a ride

New rides and events should be submitted to CycleHosts for review and approval.

The CycleHosts team will contact you to finalise details and talk through any support requirements. 

Once a ride has been approved, we will set it up as an event on the website and support you with marketing and promotion of the event.

How easy or difficult should my rides be?

  • It's up to you and the types of riders that you want take to join.  Of course, we are here to help you can can give plenty of advice
  • Once you determine a suitable route, we strongly recommend testing it with family or friends.  Seek input to learn if it's easy, difficult or just right for the type of rider you are targetting
  • A team member from CycleHosts would be happy to do a test ride with you

What are some tips for planning a successful ride?

  • Have an easily identifiable start location which ideally has toilets and coffee
  • See if you can provide a safe storage option for any gear your riders may have - especially if you are finishing at the same location
  • Pick a route that will be challenging / fun / interesting / scenic /educational.....whatever supports the type of experience you want to share
  • Toilet stops along the route are always appreciated
  • Minimise riding on main roads and in traffic
  • Create opportunites for your riders to be able to talk to each other

How are tickets sold for my ride?

  • Ticket sales for all events are on the CycleHosts website
  • Riders can also click-through to buy tickets via the event listing on Facebook

Is there a minimum/maximum number of riders?

  • We do not have a minimum number of riders
  • We recommend no more than 8-10 riders for any event where there is one Host for safety reasons
  • We recommend no more than 18 riders for any event where there are two Hosts
  • CycleHosts can provide Host support if there are more attendees at any event

Hosting the ride

CycleHosts will send you (the Host) a list of registered riders usually the on the evening prior to the event.  We will keep you updated if there are any late entrants.  

CycleHosts will send an automated reminder to all registered participants 24 hours prior to the event and include all the ride details and any special requirements.


What should I do on the event day?

CycleHosts will provide you with a checklist to use on event day

We recommend the following:

  1. Arrive early.  Be ready for your riders
  2. Greet your riders, have a chat, order coffees (if available)
  3. Mark off riders.  Ensure you have a final headcount before you start.  
  4. Do a visual check that they have suitable clothing and the required gear for your ride
  5. Do a pre-ride briefing.  
    -  What do you expect of your riders?
    -  How you should they behave and be safe
    -  What they can expect from you?
    -  Are there parts of the course which may need additional attention?
  6. During the ride, check in constantly with your group.  Chat to everyone.  Ensure that at regular points the group comes back together if you have a mix of abilities
  7. Have fun!

Remember your obligation as a leader, keep the group together, talk and have fun, but remember SAFETY FIRST

Please ensure you read and are familiar with the CycleHosts Host Agreement


Ask us for a full product disclosure statement.  We will send you a summary of what you are and aren't covered for. 

As a Host, you are our most important people, so we need you covered and confident to Host amazing cycling experiences.

Any insurance questions?  Please ask and we'll get them answered.


Hosts will be paid after their event has completed - unless other arrangements have been agreed.

    What if I can’t host my ride?

    • Please call us on 03 9018 7717 as soon as possible
    • We will do our best to find a replacement Host for your ride.  If this is not possible, the ride will be cancelled and all money refunded to attendees