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2019 will see us in some fabulous international locations including South Korea, Italy and Japan.  Locally we visit beautiful riding places in South-East Queensland, Hepburn Springs, Hobart and the Snowy Mountains.  

Epic Adventure

Taiwan KOM, Hualien Taiwan

Saturday 19 to Thursday 24 September, 2020

Taipei, Taiwan

A fully supported ride up the famous KOM, combined with the magnificent ‘Palm route’.  The Taiwan KOM is without a doubt ‘a must do ride’.  Life won’t be complete without doing it!

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Multi-Day Tour

South Korea 2020

Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 May, 2020

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea has invested heavily into cycling infrastructure.  We often throw around the term ‘cycling holiday’, but this is a true cycling holiday.  The lack of traffic allows you to drop in and relax even more than other destinations.  Let’s not forget some of the best coffee and food to be experienced…

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Italy cycling Tuscany
Multi-Day Tour

Milano-Tuscany 2020, Italy

Friday 19 to Saturday 27 June, 2020

Who doesn’t love Italy?!  The food, people, culture and of course the cycling.  Join us for a adventure where we ensure the perfect mix of cycling and all of the things Italy has to offer.  We start in Milan and explore Bobbio, Siena and Lucca by bicicletta .

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Multi-Day Tour

Mongolia 2020

Saturday 15 Aug to Wednesday 26 Aug 2020

Ulanbaatan, Mongolia

An unforgettable 12 days / 11 nights exploring Central Mongolia with CycleHosts!

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Our Ride Types

Half or full day rides where we explore new roads and different areas

Special ride events where we bring larger group together for an experience that will leave you rewarded and fulfilled

2-day or 3-day experiences designed to immerse you in a local area and deliver the perfect combination of riding, relaxation and fun

Longer versions of the special experiences we create, ranging from 5 to 12 days. 

It speaks for itself!  Day, weekend or tour events that have an extraordinary challenge!

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