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Mongolia 2020


Saturday 15 Aug to Wednesday 26 Aug 2020

Ulanbaatan, Mongolia

An unforgettable 12 days / 11 nights exploring Central Mongolia with CycleHosts!

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CycleHosts has created a tour for you to experience all the diversity that Mongolia has to offer.

With a mix of cycling (approx 560km over 10 days) hiking and bus touring we want to to see as much as possible of this amazing country

Minimum participant numbers have been reached for this tour.  It’s happening!

Mongolia is a must visit destination.  The wide open steppes with dramatic vistas will greet you every day.  At night, the star gazing experience is will leave you with wonder, as Mongolia is one of least densely populated countries in the world and almost unrivalled as a stargazing destination.

This is a tour which is rich in cultural experiences.  You will see and stay with nomadic tribes and get to ride in the lands once dominated by Ghengis Khan – the leader that nearly ruled the world


Your itinerary

Day 1 – Saturday 15 August

  • Arrival in Ulanbaatan
  • City tour (75 km)
  • See the sights Chinggis Square, National History Museum, Gandan monastery, Zaisan memorial Hill,
  • View a Tumen Ekh Folklore concert.


Day 2 – Sunday 16 August

  • Drive to Khustai National Park
  • This National Park lies at the foothills of Khentii mountain range. This area was preserved in 1992, in order to save wild horses called Takhi. There are around 250 wild horses in the National Park.
  • There registered 46 types of mammals, 223 types of birds, 499 types of plants.
  • Overnight in Khustai National Park


Day 3 – Monday 17 August

  • Explore Khustai National Park (50km)
  • Visit Ungut burial graves related to 7th century and Khirgisuur tombs
  • Overnight in Khustai National Park


Day 4 – Tuesday 18 August

  • Lun Soum (60km)
  • A mix of dirt and paved roads as we leave Khustai National Park
  • Lunch en route
  • Overnight near Lun Soum in tents


Day 5 – Wednesday 19 August

  • Erdenesant soum (80km)
  • Ride out to Erdenesant soum of Tuv province
  • Today’s riding is on paved roads
  • Lunch and dinner on the way
  • Overnight in tent near Erdenesant Soum.


Day 6 – Thursday 20 August

  • Elsen tasarkhai Sandy Dunes (60-70 km)
  • Ride out to Elsen tasarkhai Sandy Dunes, located near the west side of Khogno Khaan mountain of Rashaant soum of Bulgan province
  • This beautiful sand dune divided into two sand belts as Khogno Tarnyn Els
  • Overnight in tourist camp


Day 7 – Friday 21 August

  • Ancient Capital Karakorum (80km)
  • Karakorum city established in 1220 – 1221 by the decree of Chinggis Khaan, in Orkhon valley between Khar Khuremt Mountain and Orkhon river. According to the monument inscription of 1346 in
  • Karakorum, since 1235, Ogodei Khaan developed the capital here, built his “Tumen Amgalant Palace”, and in 1256,Monkh Khan was built – 5 floors of Stupa.
  • Overnight in tourist camp


Day 8 – Saturday 22 August

  • Explore Karakorum (40km)
  • Visit to “ERDENE ZUU” Monastery, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Built in 1585 by stone of Karakorum city ruins, and it surrounded by a monumental wall with 108 stupas. Erdenezuu monastery is the only monastery built in accordance with the traditional Mongolian urban planning.
  • Overnight in Kharkhorin city.


Day 9 – Sunday 23 August

  • Khushuu Tsaidam to Ugii Lake (80km)
  • Ride to Khushuu Tsaidam Museum. There are two complexes devoted to Bilge Khan (683 – 734) of Ashina tribe, son of Elteres Khan (650 -693) and his brother well-known commander Kul-Tegin in the eastern valley of Orkhon river, south west of the Tsaidam Lake. By the archaeological excavation discovered about 4000 artifacts in this site. These Memorials are the most important known archaeological site of the Turkic Empire(YI – YIII century)AC.
  • We will then drive to Ugii Lake located 23 km north from Khushuu Tsaidam Museum. Surface area is 25.7sq sq km, the deepest point is 15m and it sits 1337 m above sea level. It has 14 types of fish and approximately 150 types of waterfowl come here during spring time. The lake is registered in the North East Asian Goose and Duck Protection Organization by its exceptional types of birds.
  • Overnight in tourist camp of Ugii Lake.


Day 10 – Monday 24 August

  • Today we drive to a Mongol Nomadic Show Camp – These camps demonstrate a traditional living way of Mongolian nomads
  • Lunch on the way
  • We will see the ancient Qidan fortress ruin near Dashinchilen village
  • Overnight in camp


Day 11 – Tuesday 25 August

  • Mongol Nomadic Show Camp
  • After breakfast we will see how Mongols make felt, dairy products and milk the yaks. The show will last for about 2.5 hours.
  • Lunch at Mongol nomadic camp
  • Drive back to Ulaanbaatar
  • Dinner in Ulaanbaatar
  • Overnight in hotel.


Day 12 – Wednesday 26 August

  • Departure day
  • After breakfast departure to Chinggis Khaan International Airport


What’s Included?

  • All accommodation in a mix of hotels, tents (2 nights) and tourist camps
  • All Meals
  • Giant XTC Series, hard tail mountain bike with 27.5″ wheels, 30 speed, Shimano components, hydraulic brakes.  Fitted to your size
  • Drinks and snacks on riding days
  • Tools, spare parts, bike mechanic
  • Cook
  • Traditional performances
  • English speaking guides 
  • Support vehicles
  • August is late summer Mongolia and average temperatures are around 25 °C during the day
  • This tour is a mix of riding on mountain bikes and tour bus transfers.  We recommend comfortable clothing suitable for mountain bikes.

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Additional information

Your Host(s)

Ben, Bujuu

Ride Date(s)

Saturday 14 Aug to Wednesday 26 Aug 2020

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50% Road / 50% Gravel, Trails – Non Technical

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USD 350

Balance Payment

USD 2600


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