Spain 2018

Cycling Tour de Galicia 1
Mon 4 June - Wed 14 June (dates flexible)

Camino de Santiago Walking retreat
Sun 24 June - Sun 8 July

Cycling Tour de Galicia 2
Wed 11 July - Sun 22 July

Departing from the ancient roman city of Lugo we will venture deep into the majestic mountains of Courel. With verdant forests, timeless villages, genuine hospitality and spring feed rivers and waterfalls, one could happily get lost for months in this least explored area of Galicia. We ride on south for the famous and picturesque wine region of the River Sil which forms part of the Ribera Sacra (´Sacred Riverbanks´). We will explore the impressive valleys and steep canyons that are indeed steeped in history – originally cultivated for the Roman Emperor´s table and by the monks of yesteryear. The roads, lined with nature and wonder, will take us to natural hot springs, a couple of splendid cities, incredible natural parks and dip our toe into the lands of northern Portugal.

Our purpose is to journey with you into a new ´old´ world… a journey that is exhilarating, unique, intimate, genuine, spontaneous and fun!


Without doubt Galicia is one of Spain´s hidden gems and one of Europe´s best kept secrets. 

Located in the far north west of the Iberian/Spanish peninsula, Galicia invites one to step back in time and glide through a tapestry of culturally rich traditions and breathtaking landscapes.

The gastronomy of Galicia is famous for its top quality, fresh and interesting cuisine as well as the down to earth and cheery service that often accompanies it. All is locally grown and produced... from meats to cheeses, greens, honey and preserves, and of course a range of world class wines and a few local brews.  Never has a stomach left Galicia unsatisfied!

The Experiences

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Your Hosts

The ´Tour de Galicia´ will be guided by two adventurous spirits, originally from Australia, who have spent a good deal of time in these lands.

Simon 'Krackers' Keenan has been living in the Galician mountains for the past 5 years serving, hosting and journeying with pilgrims on their Camino de Santiago. A man of the nature he knows these remote mountains well by both foot and bike.

Greg ´Machina´ Nordon is known as ´the machine´ in these parts of Galicia and quite literally is the engine room of the unit. In a new and exciting chapter of life, Greg is taking the bull by the horns or rather, the bike by the bars and letting fly. 

In quite extraordinary circumstances Greg and Simon met in India when studying yoga in the foothills of the Himalayas. A friendship of kindred spirits, their mutual interest is to live life to it´s fullest, to share in it wholly, grow through the challenges and enjoy the fresh air and freedom of the downhills.


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