South Korea 2019

South Korea 2019


Sunday 28 April to Monday May 6, 2019

South Korea is an emerging cycling mecca for all the right reasons: Amazing infrastructure, tremendous food, rich culture and warm hearted locals. This is your chance to cycle South Korea before the tourist boom hits.

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Why South Korea?

John, a full time cycling guide in Asia describes South Korea as ‘the Disneyland for cyclists’. It has all the features you’d seek in a great cycling experience: breath taking riding, tremendous food and culture. What’s most exciting is the unknown. Those moments which become lifelong memories for you and your fellow riders.

The concept for this trip first came when John and Ben (your ride Hosts) were riding in Thailand together. John explained his frequent holidays to South Korea. He told a story where he ventured into his evenings accommodation.

Tired and hungry from a day of adventure, he noticed a menu on the rear door of the entrance to his room. The images implied he would be eating a serve of chicken. John likes chicken, so he took the risk. When he called the food place, he was greeted by an efficient sounding person that spoke the native tongue and then hung up.

Within twenty minutes, John had a very healthy serve of chicken and beers. That single story was enough to encourage John and Ben to work on the first CycleHosts experience in South Korea. The story captured so many great things about life: a great days riding, being vulnerable and then cared for by your fellow humans…we can’t wait to show you South Korea.

Your Hosts

John, a former member of the United States Navy is now a guide for cycling tours across Asia.  In his spare time for the last few years, he's been touring across South Korea.  He will be the main route Host for your experience.

Min Jeon is your driver. A driver like no other, in fact. Min Jeon owns multiple award winning restaurants in South Korea and is as excited about showing you South Korea as you are exploring this amazing country.

Ben, one of the founders of CycleHosts has been racing, riding and enjoying life on a bike for over thirty years.  He will be there to ensure you enjoy the experience and make sure you have clean clothes to ride in.

Your experience includes:

  • 9 nights accommodation in mix of Western and 'South Korean love motels'

  • 8 days of guided cycling

  • 2 dinners

  • Your bikes unpacked, set up and tested for you in Seoul and packed up for you at the finish

  • Bike bag luggage transfer from Seoul to Busan. Just get on your bike and ride!

  • Overnight luggage transported from start to finish of each ride day

  • Two ride Hosts - John and Ben

  • Local driver, culture and cuisine advisor - Min Jeon

  • Optional 'kitty' for ride snacks each day

Maximum 10 Riders

Tour Dates:  Sunday 28 April to Monday May 6

Start Location:  Seoul (Incheon Airport)

End Location:  Busan

Deposit: AUD 500 to secure your place. Balance due by 1 February 2018

Investment: AUD 2,980 per person twin share

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Day 6

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